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Finished painted pebble dashing

As pebble dashing ages, dirty often gets caught in the voids and the surface can often appears aged and dirty thus painting pebble dashing is now highly popular. Pebble dashing exteriors are tough surfaces to paint due to their deeply heavily textured nature. The pebble sharp pieces of stone that jut out will require you to use a brush which can be time consuming and require a lot of patience to get into all the nooks and crannies and apply an even covering of pain! Here is our guide to tackling exterior pebbledash walls. Here are the steps to successfully painting pebble dashing.

Step 1: Pressure Power wash off all the dust, moss, and debris off the surface.

Step 2: Cover up all windows and doors with self-adhesive plastic.

Step 3: Cover the ground and any cars up with plastic and sheets as needed.

Step 4: Choice application methodology spray or roller + brush. Spraying is miles faster but over spray can do serious damage.

Step 5: Repairs all cracks and large voids with flexible filler

Step 6: Applying a stabilizing solution to aid attachment to the wall

Step 7: Cut in around all windows doors. soffits and plinth

Step 8: Apply high grade weathershield paint or similar masonry paint.

Step 9: Reapply additional coats of paint.

Step 10: Touch up, clean up

Step 11: Seal paint and leave with client and give them source code of paint, brand and shop.


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