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Our Five Essential Pillars of Client Communication

1. Transparency

We’ll start with transparency, quite simply, because it’s the most important pillar on ourthis list. If your communication with your clients is nothing else, it should be transparent. The importance of transparency is two-fold. Primarily, we need to be transparent because you’re partially responsible for the success of somebody else’s building project. We can never forget that we administrating someone else’s hard-earned money. They deserve to know what it’s yielding—and, perhaps more importantly, what it’s not yielding.

2. Empathy


“We do not think of ourselves as an external contractor, everybody’s worse off, “ We consider ourselves a legitimate part of the team at every construction project client we serve. We feel more engaged by the work you’re doing and you’ll drive better results for your clients.”


3. Self-Awareness

Of all the pillars of effective client communication, this is probably the one that’s most lacking in everyday life. In the context of communicating with a client, we believe self-awareness means distinguishing and recognizing the roles you each play. This, like being transparent, is pretty straightforward.

4. Context

Contextualization is all about framing the challenge or question you’re facing within the bigger picture. “ We understand that we have to contextualize the problems,“Don’t deflect and don’t get defensive, we LISTEN, ACT and SOLVE.

5. Flexibility

The fifth and final key to communicating with clients in a healthy, effective manner is your ability to adjust to different personality types. Some of our clients will treat us like a friend while others will be strictly business, we are flexible either way while still maintaining our focus upon your successful construction project outcome.

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