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Our Quantity Surveying Services Explained

Advice on procurement and contractual alternatives:

It is important to apply the most appropriate and cost-effective procurement route and to be able to determine the contractual arrangements, which would be best suited to the particular project and the clients’ requirements.


Boundary Issues:

We can measure and locate boundary issues with reference to Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and on-site information, by traditional and global positioning systems and prepare drawings to assist in the portrayal of areas, features and conclusions. We have also successfully set out and prepared submissions to Land Registry regarding determining boundaries.


Budget Estimates and Cost Planning:

As a proposed project advances through the design process, we can provide cost estimating advice based from the level of information, as it becomes available.


Cash Flow Calculations:

We can calculate what sums a client is likely to require at what dates, to enable them to comply with their financial obligations under the contract, to assist in their financial management.


Construction Planning and Programming:

Experience and expertise can be brought to bear, to improve the chance of timely completion of projects.


Contract administration and management:

As Contract Administrator on projects, we act to ensure that obligations under the contract are met and we manage and communicate with parties to achieve such.


Cost Control and Reporting:

During the construction phase of a project, we actively attempt to control construction costs and keep clients informed of cost issues and variations.


Designing/Drawing Works:

We have designed and prepared Architectural and Construction drawings for various residential properties, achieving impressive and lasting enhancements to clients’ homes and premises, with an emphasis on quality, lasting style, elegance and functionality.


Design and Material Failure Reports:

We can investigate and report upon design and construction-related issues.


Expert Witness Related Works:


Extension of Time and Liquidated Damages Claims:

We can review construction programmes and events affecting such and assess claims for extension of time and/or to assess clients’ facility to claim liquidated damages.


Feasibility Studies:

It is important to provide early-stage cost advice to clients re. proposed construction projects. Our experienced team can provide advice for projects spanning from small domestic to large multi-million Pound projects.


Financial Management and Control:

We can seek to protect our clients’ interests and to control costs, at all stages of the project.


Life cycle/Running Costs:

Where appropriate, we advise clients re. the longer-term cost consequences of construction options, as a lower initial cost option is not always the cheapest over the longer-term, having reviewed replacement frequency and/or running costs.



Planning related works:

We have assisted clients in gaining both Planning and Building Regulation approvals, for projects where we have performed a design role and assisted clients in defending actions from Local Authorities.


Preparation/Agreement of valuations/final accounts:

During the construction phase, we attend the site, undertake inspections and prepare and agree on interim valuations of works undertaken to date.


Preparation of contract documentation:

We prepare contract documentation, further to the selection of the tenderer, or selection of a contractor, by negotiations, to lock the client and the contractor into an enforceable obligation and to facilitate our administration of the terms of the contract.


Professional negligence claims:

We have been appointed to research, review, and assist in claims relating to the performance of both construction professionals and contractors and report upon such. These works, in larger claims, can include the setting up of databases re. relevant documentation, to assist and work with the legal teams. 


Property enhancement and development:

We particularly enjoy works, where we can provide a full service from design to completion and final account, to enhance and develop clients’ properties. There is particularly great satisfaction in enriching clients’ enjoyment of their usage of their homes, whilst additionally, adding monetary value.


Quantum Related Reports and Documentation:

There are occasions, where the exact quantification of materials, or works, needs to be established and our experienced team can achieve such.


Research re. Claims Liability:

We can review all documentation and/or site evidence, to enable us to advise upon the prospect of a claim being successful.


Resolution of disputes/claims:

Positive intervention can, on occasions, assist in resolving potential disputes between clients and contractors, and in such events, one must impartially review the strength of arguments and evidence.


Selection of contractors for tendering:

One must be satisfied that whichever contractor wins in a tendering process, that would be capable of undertaking the works specified and defined, to an acceptable standard, in accordance with all associated conditions and terms.


Subsidence/Movement/Defect Related Reports:

We have the expertise and experience to identify evidence of subsidence and movement-related issues and to report upon such.


Surveys and Property Valuations:

Highly qualified and experienced Surveyors undertake Building Surveys for residential and commercial properties. Valuations of Market Value for our clients’ usage can also be undertaken. Many clients have used our services for successive purchases.


Technical/Financial Audits:

We can work through and scrutinize accounts re. construction works and their valuation, and identify matters of concern.


Tender Evaluation, or Negotiation:

Upon return of tenders, they must be checked arithmetically to ascertain that there are not admissions, non-compliances, or conditions. On occasions, a contractor is selected, further to negotiations, including regarding costings.


Topographical Surveys:

We have undertaken many topographical surveys of both hard and soft landscaping and external features

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