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Client Quantity
Surveying Services

Our client services include




  • Cost Planning – We look at the costs of the project and analyses them against the market potential to see if the project is feasible and look for improvements.

  • Project Plan – We look at the entire project including the planning stages to give you an idea of the entire process and how long the project will take from conception through to completion.

  • Value Engineering – Assessing the viability of the project after the cost plan has been produced in order to ensure that the client is achieving the best value for money. Closely evaluating the clients design and operational requirements and making suggestions for potential cost savings. All the items within the cost plan are carefully evaluated to establish area’s where savings can be made.

  • Contractors – We advise on contractors and sub-contractors to see how they will slot into the build and whether they will be required within the construction phase.

  • Contractor Vetting – Although we have a vast range of contractors who we work with on a continual basis; if we are in need of employing any new sub-contractors we will do all our necessary checks in terms of previous works, competency and quality.

  • Contractor Packages – Liaise with contractors to arrange work packages and manage the project from conception through to completion.

  • Materials Procurement – We have a vast list of suppliers for materials which allows us to ensure we are getting the best deal. We will procure all the materials and try to make more savings at this stage.

  • Contract Documents – We produce contract documents so that all the contractors and subcontractors working on the project all understand the terms and conditions of their engagement.

  • Construction Programme – We will produce an actual construction programme to evaluate the length of the project. This can be used to organize sub-contractor packages and for the purpose of ordering materials.

  • Method Statements – For complicated works we produce method statements to ensure that the methods used are the most efficient and economical. We work closely with all our subcontractors to ensure we stick to our construction timetable.

  • Material Order Forms – We manage all materials ordered to site and we will then check these off against materials delivered to ensure all materials are the correct type and quantity.

  • Cost Trackers – We track all payments made for both labour and materials; this is an open book process and will always be accessible to our clients. We will bring these to all progress meetings and our clients will get a copy of the cost tracker.

  • Monitor Contractors – We closely monitor all site personnel and keep daily diaries on site so we know exactly what is happening on the site. This includes monitoring the weather on a day to day basis so that we can back track at any point and check anything we need to.

  • Meetings – Regular site visits to ensure the work is being carried out to the required specification and to ensure that the client is kept up to date with everything that is going on.

  • Quality Inspections – Regular site visits to ensure the best quality of workmanship is being produce, we will be snagging at every stage to ensure that the project is good quality all the way through.

  • Valuations and Reports – Regular reporting to clients regarding project progress and any issues that have arisen. This is to enable the client to have peace of mind about the advancement of their project.

  • Handover and Snagging – Final handover and snagging list to ensure the entire project is to the satisfaction of the client. This includes handing over any operations manuals and explaining how everything works.

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