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Rory Connolly Dublin Quanity Surveyor Pr

Quantity Surveying Small
Construction Works.

We can provide a full range of quantity surveying services from inception to completion for small construction projects and for subcontractors. We are an independent domestic quantity surveying practice and offer impartial advice. We take a proactive and personal approach to our client’s projects and our relationships with them. Understanding their aspirations, risk profile and market expectations is the key to a successful outcome irrespective of your construction project size..

The reality is that there is no such thing as a small construction project. Knocking down a wall, supporting your structure above, moving services, inserting a beam/lintel, making good all voids finish plastering and painting, disposal of all waste and unused materials will have a major impact upon any home.

During any construction project, we can manage costs and the supply chain to maximize your return on investment. We enforce contractual conditions and protecting our Client's interests while actively managing the budget. We prepare interim valuations, manage change and report the anticipated outturn costs on a monthly basis culminating in negotiating the final account and delivering a project to cost, programme and specification.

As your Quantity Surveyors will protect you from potential malpractices such as unfinished areas, running out of funds due to supply issues, and failing to meet expectations.

Our job as your quantity surveyor is to ensure that you are protected. We will ensure that each contract holds the contractors liable for their actions if they decide to take a shortcut to “save extra costs” or whatever other reason they have to excuse their mistakes.

It is our experience that most small refurbishment, restoration work, even some small extensions take place without any written contract been in place between the client and the contractor. We can protect the client in small domestic building construction projects but ensuring effective contract management exists by using our quantity surveying experience.