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My Quantity Surveying Journey

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My Journey of a Contractor: From Contractor to QS

My Journey of a Contractor: From Tradesman to Quantity Surveyor

In the dynamic world of construction, the trajectory of a contractor often resembles a winding road, marked by highs, lows, and unexpected turns. Like many in the industry, my journey mirrors this narrative—a tale of growth, setbacks, reinvention, and ultimately, resilience.

A builder's son becomes a quantity surveyor, not really than surprising . It began with humble origins, as it often does. I started as a tradesman, honing my skills in the trenches of construction sites with my father's construction company, Frank Connolly & Sons, based in Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin., learning the craft firsthand. Through dedication and hard work, I climbed the ranks to become a foreman, entrusted with overseeing projects and leading teams. Yet, even then, the entrepreneurial spirit within me yearned for more.

Thus, I emigrated to the States and ventured into the realm of self-employment, seizing opportunities to take on side projects and build my own business. It was a thrilling period of autonomy and ambition, marked by the satisfaction of seeing my efforts translate into tangible results. As my business grew, so did my aspirations, and I embarked on the journey of scaling up, expanding my operations, and taking on larger contracts.

However, just as success seemed within reach, the tide turned I returned home to Ireland  Then, the recession hit hard, sending shock waves through the construction industry and shaking the foundations of countless businesses, mine included. Despite valiant efforts to weather the storm, the economic downturn proved insurmountable, and I found myself facing the harsh reality of losing my business.

In the aftermath of this upheaval, I made the difficult decision to transition from entrepreneur to employee, seeking stability and security in uncertain times. Emigration offered a fresh start, a chance to rebuild and reinvent myself in a new environment. Yet, the call of home beckoned, drawing me back to familiar shores.

Returning to my roots, I found myself once again embracing the role of a self-employed tradesman. Surprisingly, I discovered that despite the challenges and changes, I was earning just as much as I had during my contractor days. This realization sparked a newfound sense of possibility and potential.

Driven by a desire for growth and evolution, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement and re-education. It was during this time that I discovered the field of quantity surveying—a discipline that resonated deeply with my experiences and expertise. With determination and dedication, I pursued further education and training, transitioning into my new role with enthusiasm and zeal.

As a quantity surveyor, I found that my diverse background and multifaceted experiences enriched my perspective and enhanced my capabilities. Drawing upon my firsthand knowledge of construction processes, project management skills, and entrepreneurial acumen, I approached my role with a unique blend of insight and innovation.

Today, as I reflect on my journey from tradesman to quantity surveyor, I am reminded of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of perseverance. Each chapter of my story has shaped me, molded me, and ultimately, propelled me forward on a path of growth and fulfillment. And as I continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the construction industry, I do so with gratitude for the lessons learned and excitement for the journey ahead.

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