Our Professional Quantity Surveying Fees

Whilst we would in many ways like to openly publish a fee scale, this is really not practical, as every client’s requirements and their projects are so individual. But, please contact us for an informal, free of charge, no-obligation discussion and competitive quotation for services tailored exclusively to your requirements.

  • We will provide initial advice, discuss your requirements and if you wish, table our proposals and quotation detailing how our appropriate services can assist you with your requirements, all free of charge and without obligation

  • Our fees are truly competitive for an extremely cost-effective and reliable service

  • Often our fees are recovered by savings we identify. These include enabling you to challenge a property vendor following a Building Survey through to reduced construction costs by specifying materials of equal quality but more competitive cost when Tendering.

  • We are a bespoke service, not a standard off the shelf commodity and our services will be tailored exclusively to match your individual requirements

  • We prefer to work on fixed fees whenever possible together with detailed commissions detailing Client requirements, the services we will deliver, and the timescale. This ensures that there are no subsequent financial or expectation misunderstandings on either side at any time

  • Whenever possible the fixed fee will be Lump Sum broken into separate elements as appropriate, or if based on a project value that is uncertain or "lives" a fixed percentage of the Contract Sum

  • Where an initial brief is unclear, an element of hourly work may on rare occasions be required to reach a stage where a fixed fee can apply, but we will endeavor to avoid this whenever possible

  • For repetitive commissions, we are happy to agree on the appropriate tariff

We look forward to hearing from you and remember our initial advice and quotation are free of charge and without any obligation You can contact us via the details below, or by using the contact page.

Get A Quote

Fees for our services are usually based on the service requested, scale (size and construction value) and complexity of the assignment.

What questions to expect when you contact us to get a quote:

I’ve got a project in mind…

  • What’s your role in the project?

  • What type of facility / project is it?

  • Is this a new build, addition, or renovation?

  • Are there any drawings of the planned / existing building or site?

  • Where will your project be located?

  • Do you have an idea of the size (area) or budget of the project?

  • Is there a space program available?

  • Are there any special requirements (heritage, LEED, hazardous materials, etc.) that need to be considered?

My project is being designed…

  • What’s your role in the project?

  • What type of facility / project is it?

  • Is this a new build, addition, or renovation?

  • Have you engaged an architect or engineer, and if so, who?

  • How far along the design process are you? (Refer to CIQS Fee Schedule)

  • Have you determined what stages cost reports will be required? (for more information on classes of estimates, please see The Designer’s Guide to Cost Estimates)

My project is about to be tendered…

  • What’s your role in the project?

  • Are the tender documents available for our review?

  • Do you need an independent cost check estimate to compare with other opinions?

  • Do you need procurement advice?

My project is under construction…

  • What’s your role in the project?

  • Are the tender documents available for our review?

  • Do you need help with reviewing change quotations and/or claims?

  • Do you need construction progress review / reporting?

I need help with a project that’s gone wrong….

  • What’s your role in the project?

  • Who are the parties involved? (to rule out conflict of interest)

  • What project documents are available?

  • What is the nature of the problem?

CIQS Recommended Fee Schedule

In order to appropriately determine the level of effort and detail required for our services, the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors categorizes buildings based on type and complexity. For more information on CIQS building categories, please visit the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors website. (pages 14-15)

Please note the recommended fees outlined in the above CIQS Schedule of Services & Recommended Charges is a guideline for new work. The costs for projects involving alterations, renovations or heritage designated building may be subject to additional fees. (page 13)

How fees will be quoted

Fees for cost consulting services are usually provided based on the scope of work and the service required.

Lump Sum or Fixed Fee Quotation

Lump sum fixed fee quotations are generally used when a known and defined scope of work has been established.

Per Diem (Hourly Rates)

Per diem rates are generally used when a known or defined scope of work cannot be established. Accurate daily time records are kept for each staff member assigned to the project together with a brief description of the task performed.

Lump Sum Not to Exceed

A ‘Lump Sum Not to Exceed’ fee is generally used where a scope is known by the definition but the extent of services required has not been determined. A Lump Sum Not to Exceed Fee is billed on an hourly basis but an upset limit is determined in advance of commencement of work