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Our Quality Quantity Surveying Systems

'Our quantity management systems are our compass for being “fitness for purpose”, “meeting customer requirements” and  “conformance to customer specifications. ​Our Quality is ensured by Our Coalface Systems:


General Systems

  • Our Coalface Procedures: Rory Connolly will visit your construction once a week.

  • Communications Accounts & Systems Set-Up: Dropbox, Whatapps & Zoom

  • Photocopying & Drawing: recording schedule set up.

Estimates and Viability Studies:

  • The brief from the client: Checklist

  • Estimating: practice notes: Recorded and Transmitted.

  • Estimate: Checklist

  • Pro-forma estimate

Conditions of Contract

  • Standard preliminaries: practice notes

  • Standard preliminaries (principle contract): checklist

  • Standard preliminaries (sub-contract): checklist

  • Principle building agreement: practice notes

Bills of Quantities

  • Bill preparation: checklist

  • Measurement: practice notes

  • Measuring: checklist

  • Standard query sheet

  • Technical quantity check

Tenders and Adjudication

  • Pre-tender qualification: practice notes

  • Tender results record form

  • Arithmetical check of bills of quantities record form

  • Tender adjudication and recommendation: practice notes

  • Tender adjudication and report: pro forma

Financial Administration of Contract

  • Procedural checklist

  • Variation Management System

  • Standard payment certificate documentation

  • Financial reporting: practice notes

  • Financial review: pro forma

Final Account

  • Procedural checklist

  • Practice notes

Quality Management

  • Corrective action records: practice notes

  • Corrective action records: pro forma

  • Quality planning: practice notes


  • Procedural Notes

  • Standard Letters

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