My Personal Guarantee as your Quantity Surveyor

I will be onsite at least once a week throughout the duration of your project

 My Pro-Active Hands on Involvement Guarantee with your Project

It is my undertaking to be available to answer all of your subjective Quantity Surveying project's needs. It is my belief that real construction contract administration and project management do not take place in an office. My hand on approach means continuous onsite visits. I believe in building relationships not making phone calls.


I prefer to stand in a trench rather than look at photos. Value Engineering, Variation Management, and Conflict Avoidance are human dynamics and are best-done face to face in real-time rather than software interfacing. Thus, I promise that I will visit each site I am involved with at least once a week and at least twice a week as the groundwork is being carried out as this stage is vital structurally, finically, and culturally. This phase sets the tone for the entire project on all levels.


Preliminary Stage Pre-Tender:


•  Initial contact for your Quantity Surveying project

•  Discussion of work details, specifications of your Quantity Surveying needs including Risk Analysis.

•  Suggestions of varying strategic Quantity Surveying and courses of action and their implications


Project Planning Stage:


•   A detailed proposal of my Quantity Surveying services including parameters of cost, and timelines.


Implementation Stage:


•     Delineation of tasks and developing a plan of schedules for the Quantity Surveying services

•     Continuous monitoring of my Quantity Surveying services progression including monthly meetings.

•     On-going client liaison relating to my Quantity Surveying

•     Quality checks and communication with the onsite project manager especially groundworks stage.


Completion Stage:


•  Quantity Surveying  completed to requirements

•   On-site for walkabout and painting job tour

•   Declare complete upon your satisfaction




Rory Connolly



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