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why it is so important to hire a quantity surveyor when carrying domestic construction projects?

It is important to hire a quantity surveyor when carrying out domestic construction projects as they provide expertise in cost management and budgeting. They can help to ensure that the project remains within budget, and they can provide advice on the best materials and products to use in order to reduce costs. They can also offer advice on tendering procedures and contract management, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that contracts are managed effectively. Additionally, they are experts in claims and disputes, and can provide guidance on how to avoid costly disagreements. Hiring a quantity surveyor can also be beneficial for securing finance, as most bank managers will require a detailed cost estimate from a professional quantity surveyor before providing a loan.

Top Ten Reasons to hire a quantity surveyor.

  1. Expert measurement and cost estimations

  2. Support when you need it

  3. Maximizing efficiency and minimizing financial risks

  4. Accurate project estimates

  5. Access to the latest technology

  6. Advice on tendering and contract management

  7. Expertise in claims and dispute resolution

  8. Guidance on budgets and financing

  9. Professional advice on building regulations and safety standards

  10. Comprehensive reports on progress and progress payment invoices


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