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What is Lifetime costing?

Life-cycle cost analysis is a critical part of the value engineering process in construction projects. It involves evaluating the total cost of ownership of a building, building material, or piece of equipment throughout its entire useful life, including acquisition and construction costs, as well as operating and maintenance costs.

By considering the long-term costs of an item, rather than just the initial price, value engineering can help ensure that a construction project maximizes its value and is a sound financial investment. It's important to work with a construction team that can provide clear explanations of different options and their full life-cycle costs in order to make informed decisions. Initial costs, operating costs, maintenance costs, and disposal costs should all be taken into consideration when evaluating the value of an item. By understanding the full life-cycle cost of an item, building owners can make more informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes in the long run.

Life-cycle cost analysis thus is a process that helps building owners and their project teams optimize the value of a construction project by considering all the costs associated with a building or piece of equipment over its entire useful life. This includes not only the initial acquisition and construction costs, but also the ongoing operating and maintenance costs. By looking at the big picture and assessing the long-term costs and benefits of different options, owners can make informed decisions that balance short-term and long-term value. I

t is important to work with a construction team that can provide clear explanations and options for value engineering to ensure that the owner can make the best decision for their project. Initial costs, operating costs, and maintenance costs are all important factors to consider in a life-cycle cost analysis, as they can have a significant impact on the total cost of ownership over time. Life-cycle cost analysis is an important tool in the value engineering process, which aims to optimize the value of a project by finding the best balance between cost and performance.


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