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What are Responsibilities of a Quantity Surveyor?

A Qu

antity Surveyor (QS) is a professional who is responsible for managing the cost of construction projects. They perform a range of tasks, including estimating costs, preparing budgets, and analyzing and mitigating risks. QSs work on both pre-contract and post-contract stages of a project, and can represent either the contractor or the client/consultant. Some of the key responsibilities of a QS include: Pre-contract stage (as a contractor's representative):

  • Taking off quantities

  • Preparation of a Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

  • Pricing and estimation

  • Preparation of a Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Analyzing and mitigating risks at the tender stage

  • Planning the project cash flow according to the estimate

  • Analyzing the industry and choosing jobs wisely using tools such as PESTLE and SWOT analysis

Pre-contract stage (as a client/consultant's representative):

  • Preparation of preliminary project estimates (cost plans)

  • Assisting in choosing proper procurement methods for the works to be carried out

  • Preparation of tender documents

  • Preparation of a BOQ

  • Working with the planning team and assisting in preparing a project programme and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Evaluating the project life cycle to assist the value engineering process

Post-contract stage (as a contractor's representative):

  • Preparation of payment applications

  • Handling variations/change orders and claims (such as Extension of Time, Acceleration)

  • Controlling cash flow and forecasting the cash flow

  • Monitoring bonds and insurances (such as CAR policy, Performance bond) and renewing them accordingly

  • Preparation of project cost reports and analyzing the status using tools such as Earned Value Management (EVM) and cost value reconciliation

  • Subcontractor payment and contract handling

Post-contract stage (as a client/consultant's representative):

  • Certification of contractor's payment applications and claims

  • Monitoring delays and damages as per the contract and penalizing the contractor accordingly

  • Collecting expired documents such as bonds and guarantees from the contract documents

  • Drafting and sending contract correspondences such as delay notices and variation orders

As a contract administrator, a QS is responsible for:

  • Analyzing and discussing the terms and conditions in a contract

  • Identifying and mitigating potential risks due to conditions in the contract

  • Monitoring the milestones of the project and taking precautions for possible delays

  • Corresponding on contract amendments

  • Investigating and agreeing to change orders (variations) and controlling the EVM process

  • Drafting and sending contract correspondences such as delay notices and variation orders

As a delay analyst or claims officer, a QS is responsible for:

  • Analyzing delays in the work or project

  • Monitoring the critical path and ensuring that the project reaches interim milestones

  • Redrafting the project programme based on identified delays

  • Preparing and negotiating claims

  • Assisting in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes such as arbitration and mediation.


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