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Waterproofing Foundations

Waterproofing a foundation is essential to protect a building from water damage, mold, cracks, and structural issues. It is important to take a systematic approach, evaluating the drainage, exterior wall protection, and interior wall protection of the foundation structure.

Drainage techniques, such as interior and exterior drain tiles, sump crocks and pumps, and surface drainage, can be used to divert water away from the building. Exterior wall protection involves ensuring the wall itself is solid and applying a waterproofing membrane to the surface. Additional protective measures, such as protection boards, may also be necessary.

Waterproofing materials, including rubberized asphalt and bentonite clay, can be used for exterior wall protection. Interior wall protection involves sealing the walls and floors from the inside with materials such as waterproof paint or epoxy. It is important to work with a professional when waterproofing a foundation to ensure the most effective and appropriate measures are taken.


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