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Letter of Intent in Construction

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a document used in the construction industry and other trades to express an intention to enter into an agreement or contract. It is often used when the terms and conditions of an agreement have not yet been finalized, and serves as a preliminary commitment from one party to do business with another party. LOIs are typically non-binding, meaning that they do not create a legally enforceable agreement.

In the construction industry, an LOI may be issued by a client to a contractor to indicate their intention to award a contract for a construction project. The LOI may outline the work scope, payment terms, invoicing schedule, and completion date for the project, but these details may still be subject to negotiation. It is important for both the client and the contractor to clearly define the terms of the LOI to minimize the risk of disputes.

An LOI may also be used in the recruitment process, when an organization expresses an intention to hire a candidate for a position. In this case, the LOI may outline the terms of employment, such as the job duties, salary, and benefits.

Overall, the purpose of an LOI is to facilitate communication and cooperation between parties and to expedite the process of reaching a final agreement or contract. It is important for both parties to fully understand the terms and implications of an LOI before proceeding with any work or commitments


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