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What is a schedule of condition?

A schedule of conditions is a document that records the current condition of a property. It is often used for legal purposes, such as in the case of a new lease for a commercial or residential property (called an incoming schedule of condition), or in construction projects involving adjacent properties or refurbishments. A schedule of conditions can also be prepared in accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 to provide evidence of the condition of a neighbouring building before construction begins.

Rory Connolly QS offers professional services for preparing schedules of conditions for both residential and commercial buildings, with experienced surveyors who are skilled in assessing property conditions. A well-written schedule of conditions includes details such as the purpose of the document, the location and extent of the property being assessed, a general description of the construction, and the date and weather conditions of the inspection.

It also includes drawings, definitions, and a written schedule describing the condition of various aspects of the property (inside and out), as well as photographs and videos. Specific tests may also be carried out as needed. This document serves as a benchmark to assess any future changes to the property and can be used to determine responsibility for dilapidations and reinstatement in the case of a lease.


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